With respect to the unexpected situation in which we find ourselves due to Covid19, we have had to make some changes in the operation of the hostel to adapt to the new reality and minimize the risk of infection, applying the measures recommended by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute.

What have we changed in the hostel?

 We have put into operation a disinfection system by installing an ozone machine. With this ozonised water we will disinfect communal areas and passage ways several times a day, as well as all the rooms before your arrival.

 30% of reservation must be paid at the time of booking, and the balance paid at the hostel. Once the reservation has been made, we will send you a document by e-mail on which you can enter your check in details.

 As there are no bathrooms in the rooms, we will assign a shower to each one so that each room always uses the same shower.



    What do we ask of our clients?

    • As we all appreciate, in deference for all who share the hostel, please respect social distances, maintain good hand hygiene, and use a mask if sharing an area with other guests who are not in the same group.